Irmo EhoorSeishodo Yamashita THE ROOM, Kyoto, Japan26 October - 26 November 2023
ROH Irmo Ehoor

ROH is pleased to present Irmo Ehoor, a solo exhibition of new works by Syaiful Aulia Garibaldi (b. 1985, Jakarta, Indonesia) following his residency at Seishodo THE ROOM, Kyoto, Japan.

ROH Irmo Ehoor

Throughout his six weeks long residency, Garibaldi has been collaborating closely with the surrounding natural environment and community surrounding the residency site in developing a new body of work. For Irmo Ehoor, Garibaldi has been working with new Japanese ink based pigments in conjunction with various artisanal papers sourced from Kyoto. These works on paper are decidedly monochromatic in nature, and are saturated in grayscale, accentuated by subtle variations in natural colors. This feature of the work is perhaps a subconscious influence of Kyoto’s own sensitive urban regulations pertaining to the application of color in its graphical city planning. Also included as part of the presentation is a growing site-specific installation of totem-like wooden logs covered with living Shiitake mushrooms as well as a new video work that further expresses layers inherent in Garibaldi’s aesthetic practice and its interstices pertaining to microbiology and natural science. Presented in an intimate setting on the ground floor of Seishodo THE ROOM, itself containing its own embedded history as a multigenerational domestic environment, Irmo Ehoor connects Japanese and Southeast Asian aesthetic sensibilities in synthesis and dialogue with each other.

Irmo Ehoor
Syaiful Aulia Garibaldi

26 October - 26 November 2023
Seishodo THE ROOM
636-2 Zenshoin-cho
Ogawa Doori
Teranouchi Agaru, Kamigyo-ku
Kyoto, Japan

Opening Reception
26 October 2023
16:00 - 19:00

Art Collaboration Kyoto Period
27 - 30 October 2023
12:00 - 17:00

1 - 26 November 2023
Friday - Sunday, 12:00 - 17:00


ROH Irmo Ehoor

Born 1985, Jakarta, Indonesia
Lives and works in Bandung, Indonesia

Syaiful Aulia Garibaldi is currently pursuing his Master's Degree in Environmental Science at Universitas Indonesia. He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, Printmaking Studio from Institut Teknologi Bandung. Syaiful, fondly known as Tepu, previously pursued education in agronomy before pursuing experimental fine arts, where he applies his scientific background to create a conceptual foundation for his art. Tepu’s works in installation, painting, drawing, printmaking and video show a remarkably strong vision of art that collides with science in a graceful manner. His creation of an immersive environment was sparked by his interest in the networked and interconnected nature of ecologies, and the evocative power of microorganisms as symbols of death and decay, as well as life. Infusion between art and science transcends through Tepu’s work and gives way to a new gateway of knowledge, which is illuminated within his prints and installations.

Garibaldi has been featured in numerous solo exhibitions, the most recent ones being tumbuh at ROH, Jakarta, Indonesia (2022); Sudor at Silverlens Galleries, Manila, Philippines (2020); Lemniscate at Mind Set Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan (2018); Limaciform at Silverlens Galleries, Manila, Philippines (2017), Quiescent at ROH Projects, Jakarta (2016); and Abiogenesis: Terhah Landscape at Pearl Lam, Singapore (2014). He has been a part of major group exhibitions in various countries, such as Indonesia, Singapore, China, Taiwan, France, Italy, Belgium, and Hong Kong. The most recent ones include 1 (2022) at ROH, Jakarta, Indonesia; Chromatic Network at Galeri Salihara, Jakarta, Indonesia; And Life Goes On (2020) at Mind Set Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan; Art Basel Hong Kong 2019, Hong Kong; Natural Capital (Modal Alam), Europalia Indonesia, BOZAR, Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels, Belgium (2018); West Bund TALENT at West Bund Art Center in Shanghai, China (2017); the 2017 edition of Jogja Biennale and Art Stage Jakarta, Southeast Asia Plus (Sea+) Triennale at Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia (2016), and Prudential Eye Zone at ArtScience Museum, Singapore (2015). Tepu with Lokus Foundation is also currently part of Iron Placenta (2022), an ongoing research project by Irwan Ahmett and Tita Salina. He had residencies at ABC Learning Town, Siheung, South Korea in 2015 and Centre Intermodes, La Rochelle, France in 2014. He is awarded Best Artist for Tempo Magazine Award in 2016 and Bandung Contemporary Art Award (BaCAA) in 2013. Tepu is currently living and working in Bandung, Indonesia.

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Courtesy of The Artist, Seishodo THE ROOM, and ROH