AAAAHHH!!! Paris Internationale

September 29, 2018

ROH Projects is very excited to be participating in AAAAHH!!! Paris Internationale for the first time, which opens between the 17th-21st of October, a more inclusive art fair that focuses on young gallery practices. It has been many years since our last presentation in Europe and we are looking forward to bring our artists there! In this fair we will be showing a site-specific installation by Bagus Pandega and Kei Imazu.

Paris Internationale was established in 2015 as an innovative alternative to traditional art fairs and with the goal to support a young generation of galleries. In only three editions, it has developed into a vital instrument for promoting the work of emerging artists and rediscovering more established figures. Dedicated to raising the level of discourse in the context of art fairs, Paris Internationale keeps its participation costs as low as possible to encourage risk taking and to present its audience with exhibitors at the forefront of contemporary practices.

Responding to our current political climate and faced with challenges that redefine what it means to live together, PI was built on principles of openness and inclusivity. The fair and its public programs are accessible for free and welcoming to all.


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